Live digital Caricatures!

It really is like magic watching a professional artist whip up a full color live digital caricature in just a few minutes, all while a big screen monitor draws in passersby as it showcases every pristine pen stroke! It's no wonder digital caricatures are such a craze at trade shows and conventions and our most popular option by far. It's the perfect choice for a free guest giveaway at your company booth because it not only provides entertainment and draw for industry contacts, but it keeps guests in your booth for a few extra minutes to chat. Can you say, "volunteer captive audience"?! And don't worry, your guests do not need to sit perfectly still while you chat! Engagement: that's really what we create.


Traditional Caricatures

We also offer traditional marker-on-paper black and white illustrations. This is the medium typically found at amusement parks and fairs and a good option if you're on a tighter budget. While traditional caricature illustration doesn't have the cutting-edge, high-tech advantages of live digital caricatures, there's still something quite cool about this classic service. Watching a caricature being drawn is fun and entertaining no matter how it's being done. And there is something special about holding the actual hand-drawn sketch in your hands.


Studio commissioned Caricatures

We offer professional, studio quality digital illustrations too. These are high-end, digital paintings that take a lot of time (and love) to create, but the end product captures the likeness of a friend, boss, colleague, celebrity, grandparent, spouse, graduate, you name it! The end result will look like an illustration you might see in a publication. Generally, we need very high quality, high resolution reference photographs to work from.  Snapshots by Uncle Ned won't cut it. Contact us for a customized quote and more information on how the process works.

Live Digital Caricatures Are Perfect For Any Event!

You name it, we Sketch at it.

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